MMC consoles are a shame of a UI

July 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Almost a decade (or was it even longer ago then that?) after they were first introduced, MMC Consoles, in Windows Server 2008 (and Vista, and Windows 7) still have 8bit looking icons, mixed with richer ones.



And then! Wasting almost a thirst of screen real-estate to show me what a right-click would have shown, sending the context menu (but you expected a regular menu did you?) in the corner of the console, creating one of these awkward moment where you go: Humm.. Ah well.

How does it feels? As if the MMC dev team didn’t agree with having right-clicks implemented in Windows and they, in revenge, polluted a third of our screens showing us web-look-alike links to do the same thing. Although one of these “almost modern” icon on its toolbar can hide it. How convenient!

Microsoft has made Windows 7 what Vista should have been. But isn’t it a bit late? I booted in OS X tonight and feel no need to switch to Windows. Wait, I like Windows 7. Vista was a stable and solid XP, somewhat prettier but annoying as f*uck. Windows 7 is Vista but with ALOT of the annoyances fixed, and a tiny, little minuscule bit, prettier. By that i mean, the title bars are now transparent also when a window is maximized. And the new taskbar is amazing. OS X’s taskbar and the Windows one had sweet sweet love and their offspring are growing up in Windows 7.


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