Health care situation in the US – Wait, then I’m confused about Twitter

August 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

I was responding to Dr. Kiki on Twitter about her saying Thinking about healthcare. We are stupid. – and it got me thinking, aside from how amazingly retarded the whole thing looks to outsiders, how do I follow that conversation she started?

Threaded conversation on Twitter are missing.

I don’t see replies she gets, her followers don’t see my reply, I don’t get to see theirs, only my followers see my reply. My own followers might not follow her and thus have no idea what I’m replying to, even though they get to see me replying.

But it is meant to be public, isn’t it? I mean, everyone sees your posts on Twitter, but the dialog that ensue from it is, by design restrictions, akin to private.

I was talked (very nicely done so) into trying out Twitter and I did found it interresting. In fact missrogue both convinced me to join and use Twitter, and then today, posted I wanna go back to a Twitter that valued relationships over numbers. SO much more potential in that focus. which put me in the mindset I am now.

Seems the value of Twitter is more in one sided conversation then it is in cross dialog. It does it, just terribly bad. I presume it is much better in closed group, or when you are posting to a large audience.

Or could it be vanity “”?

Boom boom boom – Wait whaaah??

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Directed by Eric Wareheim

Edited and Animation by Zachary Johnson & Jeffery Max

Art and Vector Insanity by Kevin O’Neil & Karisa Senavitis

Produced by Clark Reinking

Styling by Ammany Ahmad

Seriously awesome – Building rolls over instead of collapsing!

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Rolling building


“A plan to demolish a building in Cankiri, central Turkey went badly wrong when the 25-metre high structure rolled over onto its roof.

The building, a flour factory built in 1928 which had been idle since the 1980s, was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a shopping centre.

No-one was reported to have been injured.”

Watch the video

Which one is it?

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When a band has a logo that looks like a brand, who wins? The band of the brand?


MMC consoles are a shame of a UI

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Almost a decade (or was it even longer ago then that?) after they were first introduced, MMC Consoles, in Windows Server 2008 (and Vista, and Windows 7) still have 8bit looking icons, mixed with richer ones.



And then! Wasting almost a thirst of screen real-estate to show me what a right-click would have shown, sending the context menu (but you expected a regular menu did you?) in the corner of the console, creating one of these awkward moment where you go: Humm.. Ah well.

How does it feels? As if the MMC dev team didn’t agree with having right-clicks implemented in Windows and they, in revenge, polluted a third of our screens showing us web-look-alike links to do the same thing. Although one of these “almost modern” icon on its toolbar can hide it. How convenient!

Microsoft has made Windows 7 what Vista should have been. But isn’t it a bit late? I booted in OS X tonight and feel no need to switch to Windows. Wait, I like Windows 7. Vista was a stable and solid XP, somewhat prettier but annoying as f*uck. Windows 7 is Vista but with ALOT of the annoyances fixed, and a tiny, little minuscule bit, prettier. By that i mean, the title bars are now transparent also when a window is maximized. And the new taskbar is amazing. OS X’s taskbar and the Windows one had sweet sweet love and their offspring are growing up in Windows 7.

Feature hotplug not licensed, requires need have have

July 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

Trying to add a new HDD to a VM in vSphere, and it seems our license doesn’t allow us to do it. It “requires need have have”

Pretty annoyed. It can do it, it knows how to do it, but won’t. I can smell a round of reboots!

License not available to perform the operation.

Feature hotplug not licensed, requires need have have

Feature hotplug not licensed, requires need have have